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newt-barrett-headshotNewt Barrett loves the Tampa area for its affordability, its broad range of communities, its outdoor activities, its lively arts scene, and its wonderful dining choices. Tampa has all the best that Southwest Florida has to offer.

He is delighted to author the 2nd Edition of Moving to Tampa: The Un-Tourist Guide®. It builds on the excellent efforts of the 1st Edition’s author Mary Lou Janson, who was unable to work on the 2nd Edition.

Newt Barrett has more than 30 years of publishing experience as both a manager and business owner.

Newt launched multi-million dollar publications in the high-tech arena for both CMP Media and Ziff-Davis.

Voyager Media, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Newt and Maxine Barrett to launch Southwest Florida Business Magazine and its online site, BusinessNewsNow.com. After 5 successful years, Voyager sold the magazine, which still thrives as Gulfshore Business.

Voyager Media and the Birth of ‘The Un-Tourist Guides’

Like so many professionals who’ve had to make dozens of moves during his career, Newt often wished that there had been a comprehensive guide to the many new towns which became home to him and Maxine, often for relatively brief periods–Chicago, New York, Stamford Ct., Maryland, Boston, Cleveland, and San Francisco. Since 1997, they have made their home in the Southwest Florida, which is just big enough to have lots of amenities but not so big as to be overwhelming.

During a visit to France, they were inspired by a French book, S’Installer a Toulouse (Make yourself at home in Toulouse), which offered lots of information new residents would require if they were to make a move to that city. Upon returning to the United States, research showed that there was a genuine need for books that provided essential information for new residents in small to medium-sized towns that were particularly appealing for people of all ages.

So, beginning with their then hometown they created  Moving to Naples: The Un-Tourist Guide, written by longtime Naples resident, Alysia Shivers.  The objective of this book and those that follow is to provide new and prospective residents all information they need to make themselves at home quickly and easily–or to decide whether a particular town is right for them and their families.

The Un-Tourist Guide® Series Now Includes:

Read more about the content of The Un-Tourist Guides here.

Special thanks go to Susan B. Barnes for her assistance in revising and updating content for the 2nd edition of Moving to Tampa. She has done a superb job in helping to make this edition as current as it’s possible to be.

Visit her website at http://www.travlingirl.com.






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