Northern Folks Flocking to Tampa

Northern Folks Flocking to Tampa

New Migration Patterns Bring 1000s of New Residents to the Sunshine State

welcome to Florida sign study indicates massive move from the northern U.S. to the South, to Florida, and to Tampa, in particular. Among the biggest losers are New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Philadelphia. As the article indicates:

For whatever reason, summer is the prime time of year when Americans pull up roots—and find new places to plant them again.
And this moving season is shaping up as one of the busiest in memory. As the economy continues to improve, job markets are opening wide, the sun is shining on folks’ financial prospects, and people are on the move.

Tampa’s vibrant economy and affordable economy is luring thousands of new residents will continue fuel prosperity in this Southwest Florida community.

To learn more about this major trend click here: New Hot Spots Where Americans are Moving

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