Tampa Named Best Big City in the South

Tampa Named Best Big City in the South

Money Magazine Lauds SW Florida City as Great Place to Live


As the magazine noted about its recent set of rankings:
”As with our Best Places list, our city rankings put a premium on a robust job market, affordable housing, and ­factors such as accessibility to health care, culture, and open space. We also gave extra points to places with low crime and strong public schools and selected the top city in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West. Now that the hard work is done, all you have to do is pick a place and start packing.”

Why Tampa?

Tampa’s potential isn’t tied just to affordable real estate. A recent airport expansion helped bring flights from Seattle and Zurich and in turn helped lure a Bristol-Myers Squibb marketing and IT center with 600 jobs. An Amazon distribution plant, opened last year, brought 1,000 more. Moody’s estimates job growth in Tampa at nearly 15% in the next five years. “Tampa still isn’t on the radar of people in the Northeast and the Midwest,” says Jeffrey Vinik, a former hedge fund manager (and owner of the hockey team), who is also investing in redevelopment projects and a new medical center. He moved his family here from Boston three years ago. “I think it’s going boom,” Vinik says.

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