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We know you'll find our city both naturally appealing and incredibly inviting.

Plenty of Housing Choices for New Residents

Affordable Single-Family Homes, Villas, and Condos

Wonderful Schools: From Pre-K to Post-Grad

University of Tampa

Great professors, superb technology, wonderful environment, affordable tuition

High Quality Medical Care for Young and Old

Top-Ranked Healthcare Providers. Our hospitals consistently rank among “America’s Best Hospitals,” according to US News annual reports.

Lots of Outdoor Activities All Year Long

World-Class Pro Sports

Even Evenings are Fun in Our Many Restaurants and Bars

From Mild to Wild

Whether it's baby elephants at the Lowry Park Zoo or alligators and ospreys in the wild, you'll love our animals.

Awesome Entertainment from Jimmy Buffet to Johann Sebastian Bach

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Tampa – Naturally Appealing, Incredibly Inviting


Native American Indians, Spanish explorers and swashbuckling pirates were the first to discover the special charms of this city by the bay. What was a sparely populated area primarily populated by palmettos, pines and scrubs, gradually grew from a modest port town into a major metropolitan area that still manages to exude the warmth and welcoming feel of a much smaller city.

The area’s natural beauty is defined by its waterfront, a landscape filled with lush, tropical foliage and the year-round sunshine and warm weather so typical of Florida.

Not just another pretty place, Tampa is a vibrant city boasting and hosting a world class, international airport, professional sports teams, high-end retail, fine dining experiences, multi-national companies, state-of-the-art medical facilities, colleges and universities, MacDill Air Force Base and so much more.

That’s not to say it’s all work and no play around these parts. Tampa’s knows how to throw a party, whether hosting a Super Bowl, welcoming the 2013 Republican National Convention or rolling out the red carpet for the International Indian Film Academy’s so-called Bollywood Oscars that will be awarded here in June 2014.

This Central Florida West Coast community is also an ideal place to start a career, start a family or start enjoying retirement. From the lofts located in Ybor City to the bungalows of Seminole Heights, and from the high-rise luxury condominiums lining Bayshore Boulevard to the gated communities of New Tampa, there are living spaces for all lifestyles.

Plus there are plenty of perks such as parks and playgrounds, museums and arts districts, golf course and tennis courts, opera and orchestras and aquariums and zoos. Everything needed for a well-rounded lifestyle is available and easily accessible no matter where you reside in the Tampa area.

Whatever the reason for moving here, this book will be a helpful guide to giving you insights and information that will help make Tampa the place where you feel most at home.


Tampa skyline hot air balloons

 Plenty of Reasons to Start Packing for a New Home in Tampa

  1. Natural Beauty. Lush foliage, sparkling waterfronts and nightly displays of colorful sunsets are just part of the allure of this West Coast community. Tall palm trees to  add a tropical touch, bays, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water are in abundance and a year ‘round growing season means something’s always in bloom.
  2. Wonderful Weather. This Central Florida, west coast community typically boasts temperatures and clear skies that typically make it possible enjoy outdoor activities year-round. That means playing golf and tennis, going fishing and boating or enjoying cycling and running with only a slight seasonal change of wardrobe.
  3. Excellent Entertainment. The range of world class performers who appear here throughout the year is an impressive list that includes top opera singers to rock stars, touring productions of hit Broadway shows to professional dance companies and classical musicians to kings and queens of comedy.
  4. Educational Excellence. Hillsborough County’s School District ranks 8th in the nation, serving some 200,000 pre-kindergarten through adult students while offering a selection of programs designed to enrich and enhance the educational experience. Parents and students also benefit from private, independent schools throughout the area that are noted for academic and athletic achievements. From graduate degrees to doctorates, MBAs and law degrees, admissions to the University of South Florida, University of Tampa and the Tampa Law Center of the Stetson University College of Law are available locally.
  5. Casual Lifestyle. While formal galas and elegant events crowd social calendars, for the most part, the day-to-day dress code here is more relaxed than restrained. The look can be tropical cool, neatly chic or very vintage but the key is dressing for comfort and climate. 
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